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Another Achievement of Jaw Crusher

In the process of cement production, the first problem is the crush of limestone. Hongxing Heavy Industries has worked out deep-cavity jaw crusher (including coarse breaker and fine breaker) after trials and transformation for many times, which is widely used currently. It has the advantages of big crushing ratio, even particle size of the finished product, low running cost, simple structure, easy maintenance, etc. The deep cavity of this crusher equipment has a relatively long broken stroke, which will help material grinding. Crushing process can be finished for one time and the intensity of feed could reach to 125mm ~ 750mm.The material whose compression strength is not more than 320Mpa can be crushed. Compared with similar products, its yield is much higher.

The crushing way of deep-cavity jaw crusher is twisting extrusion type. Motor drives the belt and pulley and make the moving jaw do the up-and-down motion through the eccentric shaft. When the moving jaw rises, the angle between toggle plate and moving jaw becomes larger so that the moving jaw plate can be pushed to the fixed jaw plate and at the same time, limestone is multiplely crushed by extruding, twisting and grinding. When the moving jaw descends, the angle between toggle plate and moving jaw turns smaller so that the moving jaw plate can leave the fixed jaw plate with the action of lever and spring and at this time, crushed limestone are discharged from the crushing chamber. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the moving jaw will do the periodic smash and blowdown, achieving the mass production of limestone.

After several tests and improvement, this crusher has changed the broken way of forcible discharge through the direct hit between the hammer of hammer crusher and material block into the way of self-crushing that lime stones are moving between the moving jaw and fixed jaw so that the fine material is produced by extruding, twisting and grinding and the large piece of material after the impact will be crushed by themselves. The internal materials of deep-cavity jaw crusher produced by Hongxing Heavy Industries are all the impact resistance and wear-resistant materials. Therefore, the counter-attack state is formed in the process of extrusion and hit and the material block will be hit each other, reducing the direct impact between hammer and material and lessening energy consumption. 

With regard to designing and producing large-scale jaw crusher, Hongxing Heavy Industries has been in the leading domestic level. As one of the blockbusters, jaw crusher is mainly used in first crushing process among the crushing production line and it can be used alone as well as used to support other crushing equipment. After being put into market, it has won good reputation and favor from the users, especially the cement manufacturers who use it to crush dedicated limestone in cement production line.

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