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Where Does the Classify Equipment Apply to?

Grading operation is to divide the particle group into two or more granularity levels based on particle settling velocity in moving medium, and it generally used in classifying fine grained materials. The particle size of most of the graded materials are less than 5 mm and not more than 15 mm. The number of granularity class is determined according to the request, at least two levels, up to ten levels.

Spiral Classifier

Grading operation has a wide applications in ore dressing plants, such as in the gravity separation and dehydration operation of raw ores. Then, what occasions does the classifier apply to?

1. The preparation work of gravity separation. Grade the raw materials to reduce the impact of granularity on the separation process.

2. The classifier joint grinding machine. The major purpose is to control and check the particle size of the grinding products to facilitate the separation of qualified products and reduce over crushing.

3. The classifier carries on dehydration operations on raw ores or other materials to reduce moisture content.

4. The classifier is used for grading, classifying the material into different grades to suit different uses.

The main classifying equipment are as following.

Hydraulic classifier, including hydraulic classification box, sieve plate hydraulic classifier and so on, mainly used for the classification operations before gravity, as well as desliming or dehydration.

Mechanical classifier, such as the spiral classifier, cooperating with grinding operation and usually used in the pre-screening, check screening and control screening before grinding, as well as desliming and dehydration.

Centrifugal classifier, such as the hydrocyclone, which mainly applies to the classification, dehydration and desliming process of fine grained materials.

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