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Some Common Sense about Using Raymond Mill to Process Minerals

Some customers when purchasing Raymond mill are not very professional. We may as well listen to the experts of Hongxing Machinery which has engaged in Raymond mill production for thirty years to popularize the common sense about Raymond mill.

Raymond Mill

When Raymond mill processes those ores such as limestone, marble, calcite, bentonite, rare earth, coal ash and kaolin, what's the relationship between the number of rollers, yield and fineness? The more rollers, the higher yield, isn't it? All I can say is that most cases are like this. The more grinding rollers, the higher the processing yield. But in some cases, when the processed materials are very simple and have thin fineness, on the contrary, the yield is higher when the number of the rollers becomes less.

For example, there is a customer who uses 4R Raymond mill to process limestone. But during the production process, the roller assembly breaks down, so he removes two rollers and put two rollers on the star rack and still keeps balance. But as a result, the yield is higher than that of four rollers. This discovery saves a lot of spare parts cost. Of course, this example only goes for the 4R Raymond mill. If for 3R and 5R Raymond mill, then we can't behave like this.

This case is only for those easy-to-be-processed powdery materials. When to process silica, bauxite and other hard minerals, the more rollers, the higher yield. If you want to buy grinding mills, Hongxing Machinery is you best choice. Our company is specialized in producing all kinds of grinding machines, welcome to your enquiry!

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