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Reasons for Ball Mill Saturating Grinding

Because of misoperation or sudden failure during use, the loading capacity of ball mill often uprushes suddenly leading to saturating grinding, which will not only decrease ball mill ore grinding efficiency, but also affect its output.

Then, what are the reasons causing ball mill over feeding and How to avoid it?

1. The most common reason attributed for the phenomenon of saturating grinding is that the moisture content of the grinding material fed into the ball mill is too high together with the poor ventilation. The air cannot bring the water vapor and fine materials produced during the grinding process out of the mill timely, making materials adhere to the surface of the steel balls and lining plate. It increases the buffer action and further reduces the ball mill grinding efficiency. In the meantime, the wet materials may also block the seams in the partition board and the discharge grid plate, causing discharge difficulty and saturating grinding.

Ball Mill

2. Another is that the partition board grate seam is plugged by iron filings or impurities;

3. In the closed-circuit system of ball mill, the efficiency of the powder concentrator drastically lowers down. The return rate is too much while the feed rate hasn't reduced, which is not compatible with the grinding capacity;

4. The average ball diameter of the steel balls in the first bin is too small, or the filling rate is too low, or the medium filling rate of the first bin is much lower than that of the second bin;

5. There may be a certain partition board between the first and the second bin breaking off or pierced, causing the grinding medium channeling bin and the grinding capacity declining.

To eliminate ball mill saturating grinding, we should firstly find out its reasons. In addition, the operators must be in strict accordance with the instructions and the guidance advice from the manufacturers, so as to ensure the continuity of the ball mill production and improve its grinding efficiency.

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