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How to Remove Rust for the New-Type Sand Making Machine?

With natural sandstone gradually reducing, it increasingly becomes an inevitable trend for artificial sand replacing natural sand. Sand making machine plays an important role in sandstone production process, but the new-type sand making machine still has some problems in use. Because of the bad working environment or long time no use, the new-type sand making machine often rusts. Therefore, how to remove rust for the new-type sand making machine gets more and more important.

New-Type Sand Making Machine

First to remind everybody that the basic structure of most mining equipment such as sand making machine, stone crusher, and milling machine is mainly made of iron. Due to the long period of outdoor operation, sufficient vapor, in addition to a long time in idle, it just a quite normal chemical reaction for the equipment getting rusty. The followings are four major methods aimed at rust removal:

1. Chemical rust removal. It in essence takes advantage of the chemical reaction between acid and metal oxide, so as to get rid of the rust substance on the metal surface, which is commonly known as acid pickling. This method can be used inside the workshop only.

2. High pressure water abrasive cleaning. It uses the impact effect of the high pressure water-jet to remove rust and coating on the steel plate. It has characteristics of no dust pollution, not damage to the steel plate, high rust removal efficiency and good derusting effect. The disadvantage is that the steel plate is easy to rust again.

3. Small pneumatic or electric rust removing. This method is mainly powered by electricity or compressed air and equipped with appropriate rust removing device doing reciprocating motion or rotating, to adapt to different rust removal requirements of various occasions.

4. Painting anti-oxidation paints. Paint the surface of iron products with mineral oil or paints, bake enamel paint or spray plastics, etc. Plate a layer of rust-resistant metal on the steel surface by electroplating or hot dipping, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc. These sorts of metal can generate a dense layer of oxide film on the surface, which prevents the iron products from directly contacting with water, air, and other materials and thus getting rusty.

By the way, good performance equipment is the precondition for enterprise benefits. The equipment should be maintained regularly no matter in use or in idle.

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