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Western infrastructure promotes the demand crusher

No matter the integration development in mining or investment in infrastructure, the development of west region is inseparable from the support of the mining machinery; it can be foreseen that the future of crusher industry remains bright. Since 2011, with the national government attaching great importance to the western development, China's western regions has ushered in a period of rapid development; Statistics show that western region's economic growth rate is more than 10% last year. Authorities estimate that this year, the central project construction investment is up to two trillion yuan, which no doubt brings the mining machinery company a golden period of development.

The renovation and expansion of infrastructure will be important pillars to promote economic development in the western region in the future; a lot of gravel base materials need high quality gravel crushing equipment, which will also promote the development of crusher, sand making machine, mobile crushing station and a number of other gravel equipment. Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery keeps making great efforts for the western infrastructure development, constantly makes more achievement in the crusher, sand making machine, mobile crushing plant areas by innovation and practice. 

With the construction of area revitalization, highway, railway line and affordable housing, and the increasing investment to construction of water conservancy, as well as various local construction projects which aim at improving rural road traffic and maintaining high-speed development of the local economy, the needs for sand and gravel are increasing increase, which bring new development opportunities to the mining machinery. 

The western infrastructure development provides new market demand for the crusher industry, it is opportunity but also challenge to the crusher industry. The companies are now striving to improve their core competitiveness so that be able to create a better future. 

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