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flotation concentrator,flotation separator,ore flotation equipment

The flotation cell is a kind of flotation plant with compact structure and high efficiency. The flotation machine was first put into use in the coal industry. After several improvements, now the flotation cell is widely used in the coal preparation plant in the world. The flotation cell produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has the small volume, large processing capacity and low energy consumption.

Flotation cell mainly can be pided into the contact zone and the separation zone. The contact zone is equipped with the washpipe. The materials are sent into the feeding inlet of the flotation cell through the high-pressure pump and they enter the air pulp distributor. Then they are evenly distributed to the washpipe. The coal slime materials spray in high-speed jet form from the tut mouth inside the washpipe. The jet flow formed by tut mouth shears the air in the washpipe in high speed to form a negative pressure zone so that the air can be intake to produce the air bubble. In order to improve the recovery of the products, the circulation amount of the each flotation machine is designed 40% to 50%.

When the flotation cell works, the slurry in the tank is sucked from the upper end to the blades of the impeller through the bottom of the cell. At the same time, the low-pressure air fed by the blower also enters the blades through the hollow shaft and the air distributor of the impeller. After the pulp is completely mixed with the air between the blades, they are pushed from the upper part obliquely. The bubbles rise to the foam stability zone. After the enrichment process, the bubbles overflow with gravity from the weir and enter the foam tank. The other part of the slurry flow to the upper part of the impeller and it is stirred by the impeller to re-mix to form the mineralized bubbles. The remaining slurry flows the next slot until it eventually becomea tailings.

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