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Mixing Barrel/Mixing Vat

 Application range and working principle 

Aggregate mixer is used for the ore pulp stirring before the flotation operation to make the ore pulp fully mix with the medicament, creating the conditions for the mineral processing operations. The agitation vat can also be used to stir other non-metallic minerals. It is used in concentrations whose consistence is not greater than 30% (by weight) and the particle size is less than 1mm in the form of flat barrel radiation circulating helical impeller mechanical agitation.
Mixing barrel is usually used for the stir of slurry in the mining industry, the mechanical stir of the various chemical industries and the stir of burdening of raw material in chemical operations. It is particularly suitable for the mixing stir of the powdered, granular and small piece of materials that have small controllable degree, such as coal, cement, stone, sand, clay, ore and etc. Driven by the motor through the V-belt, the impeller of the mineral mixing barrel rotates in the high-speed, the impeller makes the drugs and slurry mix evenly in the bucket to increase the role of pharmacy reaction and strengthen the quality of drug reactions, preparing high-quality pulp for the flotation operation.

mixing barrel

1.High efficiency. The uniform mix of materials and short mixing time improve the productivity.
2.Easy to operate, the material quality of high-strength steel, low failure rate.
3.Large mixing capacity, smooth and reliable operation.
4.Long service life, fewer replacement parts, lower operating costs.
Preparation before operation
Before starting the mixing vat, it is necessary to fasten the bolts in the pump body and check the flexibility of the rotating shaft pulley. The first step of the starting up is to open the gate switch, and then press the start button; before the operation, prepare the materials well, the minerals will go through the grading by ball mill to realize the suitable size and fineness for the stir, at the same time, the feeding should be continuous and uniform and it should not exceed the maximum capacity of the cylinder.

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