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What are the Advantages of Crusher Mobile over Stationary Crusher?

Crusher mobile is a professional machine tailored for processing urban construction waste regarding the problems of high hardness and limited working site of construction waste. It breaks through the restricts of traditional operations of fixed working site and high transportation cost of materials and can carry out on-site crushing and near-site working on materials, so that it is widely used in many industries such as mine, metallurgy, building material, transportation and water conservancy.

Compared with stationary crushing machine, a crusher portable adopts integrated vehicle-mounted system and can realize flexible movement of the equipment, thus realizing fast and timely implementation of the crushing work and saving plenty of time and transportation cost of raw materials for the construction, making it the most suitable and most mature grinding equipment for construction waste.

Crusher mobile greatly reduces the investment cost, but improves the investment income. Compared with common crushing machine, crusher mobile has convenient mobility and small floor space, and it can directly choose the working site and can be put into production after it is driven to the working site. In addition, there is still another important feature. After raw materials reach the crushing chamber of a crusher machine, materials need belt conveyor which is installed on the ore surface to move between feeder machine and crusher equipment, but the crusher equipment and feeder machine are closely connected with each other on a crusher mobile, and there is no need for transportation of conveyor machine in the middle of them. After raw materials are fed into the feeding mouth of a crusher machine by electric shovel, they will be put into the crusher at a constant speed, thus reducing unnecessary procedures and production cost. All the crusher machines in a crusher portable will work like this until all the raw materials are crushed.

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