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Smoke Phenomenon Summary and Processing of Rotary Kiln

The so-called smoke of rotary kiln is caused by the expelling of the unburned coal powder, whose color is grey or black. Once the grey or black smoke appears, the fire is short and noisy if we look inside the rotary kiln. At the front of the fire there has a white swirl, and a cloud of black smoke flies to the tail of the kiln, taking the unburned carbon particles out of the kiln with the waste gas. The smoke will directly affect the fire temperature and rapidity rate inside the kiln. If not treated in time, it will cause speed fluctuation of the rotary kiln.

The smoke phenomenon often happens in these situations:

1. The temperature in the rotary kiln is too low and the wind is too large.

2. The primary wind is too small, while the coal is too much, causing a poor blending between the wind and the coal.

3. The coal flowing phenomenon appears because of the poor cellular wheel. The poor ventilation causes the insufficient burning of the coal.

4. The unqualified coal powder, especially in the situation of low volatility, high moisture and coarse fineness causes the smoke.

According to the different situations, we can adopt different processing methods, mainly based on the principle of removing smoke and lessening coal.

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