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2012-- Gold stage of energy saving ball mill

The upgrading of crusher, the grinding of automatic control, grinding research has made certain progress in the development of the mechanical industry. We should focus on the technology base and improving cement base facilities of the construction and development of the inevitable crusher growth in heavy industry. Our country's construction machinery city has become the focus of the international equipment manufacturers, with crusher machinery industry no exception, because the life span of the crusher is only35 years and each of the crusher in domestic shares about 20% of the total demand crusher. The  overall domestic crusher tends to aging, the update is just a question of time; Secondly, China's stable and rapid economic development, GDP growth in 2004 is more than 9% which is based on existing price, so it is necessary to enhance our core competitiveness, and make our country crusher industry prosperous.

At this point, the company not only has been exploring in constant innovation, advocating for suitable development in domestic and foreign customers! Today, there are many opportunities and challenges, although the overall size of our country's crushing machine manufacturing have entered international ranks, but the overall competition and development in the future still face many problems: developed countries, the current domestic high-end users, and export products and parts mainly rely on imports. With the increase of exporting trade friction, certainly, it will be more fiercely among foreign competitors and suppliers. The development of the western region led to a great demand with the specialized capital, which further increases the degree of competition in crusher industry. The primary task is to strengthen the quality of existing crusher equipment and technological content, shrink the machinery industry gap with foreign as soon as possible, create our own brand. It is not enough to have only a good leader, also you have to protect your business, only when your company is up to the industry's leading level, gather all kinds of professional and technical personnel, you can owe a vast land. 

In recent years, through the continuous introduction, digestion, our technologies have reached the international level; obviously improving the efficiency of the grinding machine in the iron ore is imperative. Other foreign company Vick cone crusher, makes the final average particle size reduce by 5 ~ 8 mm because of ball mill has a lot of advantages, and therefore grinding equipment research mainly focus on saving energy. At present column in grinding machine of the country has certain application, the energy saving equipment, which can improve the system yield of 30% to more than 50%. The high rates of equipment, the environmental impact to domestic has developed the alternative. At present, a coal mining enterprise makes resources production management complex and the supervision in difficult conditions. The coal resources still squander. All kinds of coal mining enterprises in the country are as many as 11200, the enterprise with an average annual capacity of 300000 tons, low widespread industrial concentration. The backward in technology, coal resources, the waste of resources and environment pollution exit still, according to China's Coal Industry Association. Currently, coal demand growth fell back but the pressure of over capacity becomes more and more obvious. It is the trend to adopt energy saving machines nowadays. 

Maintenance and Repairs of the Cement making plant

In order to eliminate equipment failure and accidents, avoid losses of state property and life, problems of cement production equipment should be carefully treated. Bulk cement plant equipment fault refers to the equipment which was put to use and run, while for some reason parts of the equipment lose its provisions of the function. If the fault was not promptly eliminated, it may cause an accident. In order to eliminate bulk cement plant equipment fault and accidents, the following measures can be taken into consideration:

1. The cement mechanical maintenance should be checked regularly. The using of cement plants must be operated strictly as rules, and made regular check. Make cement machine check system, through the check,  administrator can quickly find the hidden danger of anomalies and the existing problems, and correspondingly take measures, which can save repair time, improve the quality of repair.

2. Fault records. Fault records in bulk cement plant equipment refers to the brief record of the inspection, the diagnosis, steps to take and the whole process.

3. Fault statistics and analysis. Of bulk cement plant equipment fault records, statistics, analysis and a series of management activities, aims to research the wear rules of the equipment, and offer the original materials maintenance standards.

4. Researches on measures to eliminate failures. These researches should be based on the analysis of the mechanical failure. Administrator can take a series of technology, organization and management measures to set up and improve position responsibility system; on one hand, strengthen the education and training of maintenance personnel, on the other hand, link work and economic benefits together.

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