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Hongxing summarizes the common problems and solutions of magnetic separator

Magnetic separator is a magnetic sorting machine based on material magnetism difference, which applied to iron elimination of powder grain, wet magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasting ore, ilmenite and other materials of granularity below 3mm and remove iron for coal, non- metal ore, building materials and other materials. It is one of the most widely used and high commonality machines. 

User frequently encounter motor overheating and other issues, the following is the summary of common faults and solutions by Hongxing technical: 

1. Motor overheating and sound informality. 


1) undesirable bearing lubrication or bearings badly worn; 

2) fan leaves fall off or wore; 

3) switching circuit badly contacted, or disconnected to run single-phase; 

4) too low voltage. 

2. Sound informality, cylinder stuck by obstacle, and even the cylinder cannot vibrate in operation. 

The common reasons are objects in the bottom box are stuck, or magnets falling off cause tube skin scratched. At this time, maintenance and troubleshooting are necessary. 

3. Reducer overheating: 

1) insufficient fuel or bad oil; 

2) over-wearing or bad engagement between gear and worm,; 

3) undesirable bearing lubrication or bearings badly worn. 

4. Magnetic field strength becomes weaker: 

1) over- high temperature; 

2) sun exposure; 

3) acid corrosion. This can be measured by Gauss Meter. 

Magnetic separator is composed of base, upper magnetic system, lower magnetic system, cage, hollow shaft, concentrate tank and transmission devices. Base installation should make hollow bearing bush as a benchmark to measure the elevation and levelness. Positioning lower magnetic system should base on the docking station. The gap adjustment between cage and upper and lower magnetic system must be accurate whose limited deviation is 0 +1 mm.

Zhengzhou Hongxing machinery and equipment Co., Ltd. has high degree technical missions. Our magnetic separation machine is the combination of high technology and production experience, with complete specification, innovative design, reliable performance, easy operation, perfect detection means and high-quality after-sales service, ensuring that customers obtain the maximum benefit with minimum investment; it is the best choice for investors.

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