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Stone crusher research stressed environment protection

Environmental friendly and low carbon have now become the main theme of the current global economic development. While mining machinery production and development should also follow this principle. With the continuous increase of China's infrastructure, the kinds and quantity of stone crusher is increasing. However, the environmental effect brought by which is more and more serious. For example, a large resources and costs have been used, the increasing emissions of pollutants and the noise of construction, all of which impacts on the environment greatly. The stone crusher corporate shall take responsibility to achieve low-carbon green economy.

The example that backward cement companies being eliminated gives the machinery industry a good but heavy lesson. On the other hand, it also prompts major industries to look for new avenues of development to make efforts on developing new energy sources. Then as a traditional industries, crusher plant, how to adapt to the new theme of low-carbon development times?

In terms of improving the technical level, stone crusher industries shall adhere to combining self-development and technology introduction and absorption together. Under the new situation of economic globalization, introducing foreign advanced production technology and experience, researching and producing high-quality, environmentally friendly broken equipment, China crusher industry should also "Widen Horizon". Only master technology innovation initiative in our own hands can we achieve a new leap of the crusher industry development in China.

From high-quality personnel training perspective, stone crusher industry shall insist on a combination of academic and theoretical. A lot of production personnel in Crusher industry in China have not received the professional theory training, and they simply try to operate in accordance with the traditional experience. This is also a key factor of the slow development of machine industry. Judging from the current situation, in order to achieve new development, the crusher industry should focus on the training of professionals to achieve the integration of knowledge and production.

Seen from raising the general level of industry, the crusher industry shall strengthen internal communication and cooperation. In the highly competitive environment, it is beyond reproach that similar corporates exist to varying degrees of mutual confidentiality and mutual blockading, which is inevitable for their own development. But it constrains improvement of the whole crusher industry to enhance the technical level as soon as possible. Therefore, with the view of the whole industry development, there should be more exchanges between enterprises. Some companies with high level of equipment and technical content shall assist to drive backward technology enterprises to achieve the crusher industry revitalization and powerful.

 Low-carbon era is a new era of social progress, crusher industries make independent innovation and structural adjustment through changing  developing mode. I believe that in the near future, crusher industry will be a resource-saving, environment-friendly industrial, making China's powerful crushing machine dream come true.


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