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Construction Waste Disposal is Facing New Prospect

In recent years, China's economic situation is not optimistic. Bad phenomenon like rising prices, the national macro-control policy and excessive capacity is everywhere, and many companies fall into this crisis. Under this situation, the project of the transformation of villages and old city changing to new cities is still in full swing. Thus construction waste quietly appears. According to authoritative statistics, in China, the number of construction waste has accounted for 30% -40% of the total municipal solid waste. By 2020, China will add a shocking figure of new construction waste.

The industry generally believes that the construction waste disposal is a very promising industry. With the continuous progress of science and technology, China's construction waste disposal technology is more and more mature, and a lot of construction waste disposal enterprises are on the rise to share a piece of cake.

The illegal dumping of construction waste causes a great impact on people's life, so the construction waste utilization problem has got great concern of the community. Local governments are actively promoting the construction debris crushing to renewable building materials and national policies also introduce relevant policies and measures to prevent the construction waste polluting the environment. Resourceful recovery of construction waste has been included to the "12th Five-Year Plan and it will be a new trend of in the field of building energy-saving. 

The construction waste disposal equipment is divided into fixed crushers and mobile crushers. The mobile crusher has the advantages of mobility and smaller investment, thus becoming the favorite of the construction waste disposal industry.

Resourceful recovery of construction waste has not only great environmental benefits, but also huge economic benefits. Supposed that to 2020our country produces 5 billion tons of construction waste, and these construction wastes can be converted for ecological building materials, the value created will be up to 1 trillion yuan. Therefore, from the current situation of industry development, construction waste disposal has ushered in a bright future.

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