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Appropriate maintenance prolongs Raymond mill service life

Raymond mill is the most commonly used machine and plays an important role in the milling process. Then what should we do in daily working to prolong its service life?

1. Train operators the necessary technical, make him understand Raymond mill principle, familiar with the operating procedures before stalling the machine; in the working course, keep certain personnel responsible for custody machine.

2. Draft equipment maintenance and safe operation system to ensure the mill keep long-term safe operation. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain tools, lubricating grease and the appropriate accessories. 

3. Do regular maintenance, repair and replace wearing parts, carefully examine whether the connecting bolts and nuts of roller device exist loose phenomenon or insufficient lubricating grease. 

4. Replace the roller device after more than 500 hours’ working, clean rolling bearings and replace damaged parts, lubricate the machine by manual pumps or grease gun. 

After years of practice and continuous improvement, the structure of Hongxing R type Raymond mill has been perfect. With advantages of high efficiency, low power consumption, small area cover, less capital investment and environmental pollution , it has been widely used in metallurgy, building, chemicals, mining minerals fields to grind materials, and made an important contribution to the smooth development of milling industry in China!

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