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Hongxing Researches Mining Machinery Followed by National Strategic Emphasis

The high-tech industry is the leader of Chinese socio-economic sustainable development. China is facing two-pronged dilemma that continually growing energy demand and control the total energy consumption, so it is necessary for mining field to improve energy efficiency, expand low-carbon energy and clean energy (including renewable energy) usage, build a carbon market, propose low-carbon life ideas and promote the transition to a sustainable consumption. 

Mining machinery is important equipment for industrial raw materials and energy production, its efficiency will become an important part of saving resources and energy. With the closing of a large number of small metallurgies, small coal mines, small cement companies, the new large-scale concentrator, large-scale coal preparation plant and large cement plant is constructed in succession, while it asks for a higher demand for mining equipment, so these manufactures are urgent to select jaw crusher manufacturer and slime dryer milling equipment of large handling capacity, high sorting efficiency and reliable operation. 

Under the guidance of national policy, Hongxing machinery accelerates the pace of enterprise reform, organizes production according to market demand, optimizes product structure, expands the market and reduce expenditure to make more long-term development and try to forms an enterprise entity possessing development capabilities and innovation capability. In addition, Hongxing strives to build itself a modern mining machinery enterprise with market competition ability and anti-risk ability, makes efforts to provide energy saving and environmental protection equipment to the mining industry, sets reduce mining user's risk and investment as a starting point and makes a positive contribution to the development of mining machinery industry in China.

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