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Ring hammer crusher accelerates the specialized development of coal washery industry

It is reported that before raw coal sent to the coke refineries and power plants, it has to be washed. Because a lot of impurities are mixed in the raw coal, and coal quality need to be separated. Coal washing can remove the gangue and dusts exist in the raw coal and take off some sulfur.

Most of China's coal preparation technologies are traditional and of low handling capacity, which has a big gap compared with international advanced level.  Coal washery industry must take active measures to reform and innovate, develop new type, more efficient and productive washing equipment to improve professional level of coal washing factory in order to adapt to the increasing trend of coal washery processing. 

Crushing and screening is the first step of coal washing. The raw coal is of moderate hardness and large humidity and easy to plug general hammer crusher which results in low productivity and low efficiency. In recent years, a new type ring hammer crusher has become "a new beloved" in coal washing industry with features of high efficiency and energy-saving, and known as the coal industry special crusher. The ring hammer crusher could change the labyrinth plate gap according to different characteristics and different regions of raw coal, and produce thin and uniform material. At the same time, ring hammer crusher head adopts high chromium alloy, which is of ultra high wear-resisting, life expectancy increased by four times than the same quality of high-manganese steel hammer or forging hammer. 

Hongxing ring hammer crusher has high quality,  can be truly reach efficient work  in raw coal crushing operations,  strongly impetus the specialized production of coal washery.

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