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How to Improve Mine Safety Factor

Although China's modernization mine equipment level has been greatly improved, there is still a considerable gap compared with developed countries; the popularizing rate of modern mining equipment is relatively low, some equipment is overloaded, which bring security risks. What measures can we take to improve the situation?

1. Establish mining machinery safety design system 

As well as most modern machinery, the development direction of mining machinery tend to be large, heavy and high-speed, intelligence and miniaturization. We should establish a mining machinery safety design system which adapts to China's national conditions as soon as possible, including theories, principles and methods, to provide methodological guidance for mining machinery safety design; establish mining machinery safety industry database; establish the safety design system of low-cost and high applicability, raise the level of intrinsic safety. 

2. Change business methods 

Because of the dependence and recessiveness of the mining machinery safety issues, as well as the complexity of reasons for security incidents, technical and managerial personnel should transform business ideas, share security responsibility and enhance security awareness. 

3. Increase capital investment on safety, improve the status of machinery and equipment 

Our countries should strengthen guidance in terms of policy; step up efforts in the regulations; actively do capital support on safety technological transformation of the key state-owned coal mines and local coal mine. Enterprises should make great efforts to finance, make up the security event default gap, scrap all extended service equipment, or make necessary technological innovation, thus effectively improving the safety status of the mining machinery and equipment. 

4. Strengthen the training for safety technical personnel and practitioner 

Accelerate the training for people who engaged in designing and researching mining machinery safety work, strengthen the selection and training of operating personnel and skilled workers, comprehensively improve the technical level and employees’ safety awareness, and continue to promote coal mine safety training and standardization construction thereby improving the safety design level. 

Hongxing machine, which specialized in designing and producing ball mill and crusher, are ready to make efforts with mining enterprises to improve the safety factor of mine work in China!

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