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Roll Crusher Panders to Social Development Trend

With economic growing, a variety of metals and non-metallic minerals, cement factories, buildings, gravel and metallurgical industry has expanded their production scale; crushers--their processing machines—play a very important role in the development, and have become stanchion of the industry. It is expected that efficient free-pollution fuel and machinery will have good development prospects in the future. To a certain extent, reducing power consumption or improving system output can solve the problems of low production and disorder operation in cement enterprises. Roll crusher continually accelerate its development, adopt a simple, practical and versatile mechanical hydraulic electrical protection system for crushing materials of medium hardness in cement, metallurgy, chemicals, electricity, coal and other industrial sectors, for example, it is used in coarse crushing or fine crushing limestone, slag, coke, coal and other materials. The reasons are following:

First, roll crusher mainly adopts impact crushing, it has big crusher ratio, which can be more than 50 and is the twice of jaw crusher, cone crusher. Thus, crusher with impact crushing way are often adopted in single stage crushing occasions, such as limestone crushing in the cement industry. 

Then, product particles are better. Under the affect of impact crushing, the materials tend to be broken along the most vulnerable aspect, which makes a high probability of the cube form. Therefore, the percentage content of flakiness will be lower by 10% compared with the jaw crusher and cone crusher.  Thus, we often adopt crusher with impact crushing way as the last crusher to produce concrete aggregate in cube particle-needed occasions, such as the anti-skid road surface in highways. 

Hongxing machine will constantly update the development of roll crusher technology with professional knowledge, and strive to make continuous efforts for social progress.

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