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Crusher industry rises again in energy saving era

The mineral is valuable non-renewable resources nature has given us. After artificial deep-processing by the mining equipment like mobile crusher, the minerals can add brick to people's residential. With the development of infrastructure, the minerals are used more and more widely. Therefore, the stone material processing industry must fully implement the scientific concept of development proposed by the central, enhance the scientific and technological level of industry production and management as soon as possible, promote the harmonious development of the industry to maximize the added value of the ore products, so that the ore processing can be of environmental protection and energy conservation, and the stone resources can be fully utilized.

Throughout the economic situation at home and abroad, as a low-carbon, energy saving and environmental protection country, China has broad prospects, and also more difficult tasks. There are three keys: (1) Influenced by the international financial crisis, the international economy is in the period of recovery and slow growth. As the world's largest ore exporter, our ore industry is facing great challenges. The mining enterprises should recognize the situation, facing danger fearlessly and finding ways to turn adversity into opportunity to achieve the healthy development of industries and enterprises. 

(2) Domestic disorderly competition in mining machinery industry. Domestic stone machinery manufacturing enterprises also face a huge impact and pressure in the market, price, personnel, quality and delivery, lacking the ability to compete with imported stone machinery. (3) There is still a big gap compared with ore industry of developed countries. Some common problems like low grade, low productivity, poor process management and site management not keeping up still exist in China's stone industry. Compared with advanced countries, the gap is still large.

Mining machinery industry association actively coordinates the encouraging policies introduced by the National Development and Reform Commission, and gives preferential tax policies in equipment technological innovation to encourage enterprises to actively carry out technological transformation of the equipment and improve the technological level of the ore crushing process. Therefore, professional mining machinery enterprises should continuously keep making progress and innovation, to achieve an overall improvement in overall industry and the modernization of China's mining machinery industry. 

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