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Mining field aims at a new target

Right now, the sales of the engineering products decline has become an indisputable fact. On the one hand, it is closely bound up with the constant deterioration of the international economic environment; on the other hand, it is affected by the negative influence brought from the depression of the domestic new products. How to blaze a trail and find a way out under the double pressure has become a heavy topic for the engineering machinery industry. 

At this moment, the number of the new started projects in our local places is extremely limited, it is quite evident that the capital restricts the stock item and it is widely reflected among enterprises that the market demand enters an off season. As a matter of fact, along with the successive start of the engineering projects, from March to April in each year ought to be a peak season. However, the truth is that sales of some of the engineering machinery varieties recovered in March this year, but the concentrated releasing phenomenon of the downstream demand has not emerged. Manifested by the newly announced sales data in May, the engineering machinery presents a double declining situation in terms of the chain and year-on-year basis.

Since many years, the real estate market has remained the “major battlefield” for the engineering machinery products, whose demand is able to account for 30% to 40% in annual product sales. It has a prominent influence on driving the products as tower cranes, concrete equipment, earthwork machinery and piling machinery etc.

However, it is reported by the journalist that in the recent year, the development and investment as well as the prosperity of Chinese real estate declined greatly. Compared with the increasing speed of last five years, this year has dropped to 18.5% from 34.6%; the boom index of the real estate development also fell to 94.9 from 103.2 in May this year. Statistics show that in the first five months this year, the new started area of the Chinese real estate exploration enterprises went through a 4.3% year-on-year decline, whose drop is greater than that of the first four months.

During the past years, the prosperous real estate industry has made distinguished achievements for the rapid increase of the engineering machinery. Whereas, with a constant adjustment form the government, the product sales of the engineering machinery had thus been severely affected. The ever main products like excavators, loaders and concrete machinery in concrete machine suffer “a sales winter” one after another, becoming the most undesirable but unavoidable scene in this industry once again.

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