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High-tech crusher is the driving force of green mines

 Although we have lots of resources, with the population increase and industrial development, the shortage of resources becomes more and more serious, which is inseparable from the backward mining technology, especially the extensive production in the mines. It has brought great threat to the environment. So the high-tech and energy saving crushers had been the key to change the mode of production.

It is known that, the crusher industry in China developed very rapidly. After the founding of new China, this state has advocated to speed up the construction of industry, coupled with large-scale mining, cement and other industries launched, the crusher manufacturers bloom over the country.

The number of crushers is increasing; however, the quality of crushers is not perfect. According to the report from the State Environmental Protection Administration, due to the backward crushers and production methods, the ecological destruction and environmental pollution is very serious in the mines region. It is difficult to recover the ecological environment of large-scale mines. The unauthorized mining is very popular in the small mines. Some parts of mine’s ecological environmental have even been out of control. All of them make us very worried.

In order to change this situation, China should focus on research and development the high efficient and energy-saving ore beneficiation equipments. So the development of intelligent and green crusher is imperative. In fact, there were some crusher manufacturers with environmental protection conscious in the past two years, such as Henan Hongxing. This company has made great efforts on research and development large-scale and environmental friendly crushing equipments, and finally developed the largest single-stage hammer crusher, which has the largest capacity in the domestic. Hongxing brand mining machinery has provided technology protection for the development of green mines.

For the crusher industry is the support base of national infrastructure construction and mining industries, the technological level of crushers directly determines the energy saving level of national production. Therefore, the high-tech and energy-saving equipments will be the powerful weapon for the enterprises to seize the market.

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