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The Working Features of Sand Maker Impeller.

Sand maker

The impeller is an important part of the sand maker and it is also the most vulnerable part of the  machine. Since the materials complete the distributed emission in the impeller, it is likely that the materials wear impeller with improper operation. Therefore, we should pay extra attention in the working process to prevent carelessness from triggering a series of accidents in production process. We know that the impeller is installed on the top head of the axis of the spindle assembly. The impeller uses the joint of the cone sleeve and the key to deliver the torque for high-speed rotation. The materials enter the center of the impeller through the center of material distributor of the upper impeller. The fabric cone body at the center of the impeller uniformly distributes the material to all the launch runner. The wear block made of special material is installed at the exit of the launch runner, which can be replaced. The impeller accelerates the materials to a certain speed to projectile them out. The materials impact of materials lining in the eddy crushing cavity for strong self-smash. The upper and lower runner plates are equipped with between the cone hat and the wear block of the impeller to prevent it from wearing and tearing. Before the device stops running, you should note that first stop feeding before stopping the discharge device. The feeding should be continuous and uniform. The material specifications should strictly comply with the requirements. Otherwise, it is easy wear the impeller because of materials.

Under normal circumstances, the transmission of the sand maker mostly uses a single motor or double motor-driven belt drive mechanism. Two electric motors of the dual-motor drive are installed on both sides of the spindle assembly. The pulleys of two motors are connected by the belt and the spindle pulley to ensure that both sides of the spindle are stressed balanceable without additional torque.

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