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Ball Miller

The installation of the ball mill.

Ball Mill

a)The installation of the plan is designed according to customer’s foundation engineering, it should be installed in accordance to the plan direction, location and space;

b)The bottom of the machine frame should stand firmly on the ground, and the plane levelness of the material cylinder bottom ought to be no more than 1.5/1000;

1.1 Installation 

a) Cleaning the foreign body inside the preserved holes in the installation equipment, especially no dust, oil stain or water is allowed inside the hole wall;

b) After unpacking the packing case, the host machine should be moved to the installation place by proper lifting facilities (crane/forklift); 

c) Position the device carefully; anchor bolts are installed inside the hole, then thrusting the “adjustable feet” with anchor studs after welding it to the rack chassis which is accompanied with the machine. Finally, a secondary grouting is able to be processed;

d) Tighten the bolts, loading and testing the machine are permitted only after 24 hours;

e) Connecting to power;

f) Installing and checking, correcting the faults;

g) Electrical cabinet is positioned in the auxiliary engine room without being installed.


After installation and is qualified through inspection, the ball mill is allowed to empty commissioning, which the operator should take charge to process. And it is indispensible to observe the safe operation practice of the ball mill.

1.The continuous empty operation time should be no less than 12 to 24 hours, and the problems found during the operation ought to be resolved promptly.

2.If the empty commissioning is normal then it is available to loading commissioning, which should be proceeded in stages. It ought to feed considering the discharging situation to avoid unnecessary abrasion and damage between the steel ball and cylinder liner.

3.Adding appropriate amount of materials and one third of steel balls (cf. general drawing of the ball mill), and the commissioning time is 12 to 24 hours.

a.Adding up to two thirds of the steel balls and the operation time gets to 24 to 48 hours.

b.According to the discharging situation of the ball mill, the output of the qualified products, seeing the practical ballamount of congeneric mining ball mill to make sure the rational ball load, and the commissioning time should be no less than 72 hours.

1.Confirming the increase of the load and time of the commissioning according to the saturation (temperature, noise and tooth contact etc.) of the gear size as well as the reduction gear. The full load operation is not allowed before tooth contact accuracy gets the design requirements.

2.Cooling and lubrication system should operate normally during the commissioning, and the main bearings, transmission bearings as well as the reducer temperature should be normal.

3.After adding two thirds of the steel balls and a 24 to 48 hours’ commissioning, you should examine and tighten all the bolts again.

4.Each careful record should be kept during commissioning.

Ball mill is mainly applied in mixing and grinding ceramic materials, which is indispensible in producing various ceramic products. This equipment applies an auto voltage reducing starter to reduce the starting current, whose structure is pided into integral and independent type. It adopts a V-belt drive, single or double reduction, and it is equipped with an independent low-power motor. 

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