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Sand washer is easily affected by motor, which could cause the following major fault phenomenon:

1, troubleshooting in stator and rotor core

Stator and rotor are piled up by mutually insulated silicon steel sheet; they are the magnetic circuit of the motor and often be damaged and deformed by the following reasons.

The excessive wear or defective assembly of bearing causes the stator and rotor to rub each other, so that damage the iron core surface, and thereby causing short-circuit between silicon steel sheets, increasing the iron loss of the motor and rising the motor temperature. Then we can eliminates burr and short-circuit between silicon sheets, coat it with insulating paint and stove it.

Excessive force putted in the removal of the old winding causes the alveoli deflects and opens outward. And then we can reset alveoli with wooden hammer and other tools, and put rigid insulating material such as fishpaper or bakelite plate in the gap between the silicon steel sheets.

Affected with damp or other reasons, core surface rusts; and we can clean it with sandpaper and wipe with insulating paint.

High fever burns iron core or teeth. We can clear away melt sediments with available tools such as a chisel or scraper, coat it with insulating paint and stove it.

The juncture between iron core and base unit become flexible, and then we can tighten the original screw keeper; if screw keeper lose efficacy, we can drill a positioning hole again on the machine base and tighten the screw keeper.

2, troubleshooting in bearing

The spindle supports rotation through the bearing, which loads the heaviest work and can be abraded easily.

Fault checking

Checking in running

Antifriction bearing would make cling-clang sound when lack of oil, and would make discontinuous click sound if bearing steel ring rupture. When bearing mixed with sand and other debris or bearing parts bearing mildly wear, it will produce a slight murmur.

Checking after removing

First, check whether there is damage, rust or scars in the bearing rolling elements and inside and outside rims; then pinch the bearing inner ring by one hand and keep bearing balance, while pushing the outer circle by the other hand; if bearing works well, the bearing outer rims would keep smooth rotation, no vibration or clamping stagnation, either backsliding in the outer rims after sopping; otherwise, the bearing is no longer usable. 

Fault Repairing

The rust on bearing outer surface can be erased by 00 grit papers, then clean it up in gasoline; and bearing should be replaced if there are cracks, chipping in the inner and outer rings or excessive wear, and the replaced bearing should be same as the original model.

3, troubleshooting in spindle

Axis bend

It can be repaired by polishing journal or slipping ring if bend slightly; if bend more than 0.2mm, we can put the bent spindle under press machine to adjust it and then cut and polish the adjusted axis surface with lathe; if bends heavily, you need to replace it.

Journal abrasion

If journal wear slightly, we can plate a layer of chrome there and grind it to the desired size; if wear more, we can build up welding and grind it.

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