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Technical Features Introduction of the Crusher

Mineral Impact crusher is suitable for crushing the hard materials, such as limestone crusher in the cement plant, having the advantages of  large production capacity , small particle size. This series of products can handle the materials whose side length is 100-500 mm , having the advantages of high compressive strength which ups to 350 MPa, large crushing ratio, the materials broken are cube tablets ,and so on.

Working Principle of the mineral  crusher

Stone directly fall into the high-speed rotating table from the upper part of the machine ; under the effect of  high-speed centrifugal force , turntable with the flying stone which appears as the umbrella type , after the collision force against each other, the frequently hit, friction and crushing are produced by the eddy motion between the rotating plate and casing , and the products are discharged by the lower part, the closed multi-cycle are formed, the screening equipment control the particle size.

 Performance characteristics of the mineral impact crusher

High chrome hammer ,wear counterattack lining; a unique gear counterattack liner; it is particularly suitable for hard rock crushing, energy efficient; the entire board structure nesting appeared as small particle size and the cube-shaped, without internal pattern; product shape shapes cubic, the nesting particle size is adjustable to simplify the crushing process.   

Technical Features of the mineral impact crusher

1, multi-cavity evenly crushing,it is suitable for crushing hard rock.
2, low feed port for easy produce the line layout and increase the size of the feed.
3, open the full hydraulic, for the convenient  of maintenance and wearing parts  replacement.
4, new wear-resistant material makes the life of   plate hammer, counterattack lining and lining trial  are much longer. 

Type of the mineral impact crusher

According to their structural characteristics ,The mineral impact Crusher can be divided into the single-rotor impact crusher (back-breaking) and dual-rotor impact crusher (back-breaking). As to the rotor turning, rotation  crusher can be divided into the reversible and irreversible rotating these two types,  single-rotor impact crusher points. The dual-rotor impact crusher can be divided into the same direction as the rotation, reverse rotation and opposite rotation  these three types. According to the internal structure, single-rotor impact crusher is divided into two forms, that is, with Leveling the grid plate and with a neat and well-spaced grid plate. The double rotor impact crusher can be divided into the following two types: the rotor at the same level and the rotor are not on the same level .

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