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Rotary Kiln

The rotary kiln is a large-scaled heat equipment with advantages of qualified calcining and high quality, etc., so it plays a very important role in the chemistry, metallurgy, and mining industry. But the rotary kiln is also the major energy consuming equipment in our country, especially in small-and-medium-sized enterprises. The low automation degree and long-time high energy consumption intensify the serious state of energy resources in our country.

The rotary kiln is the controlled object which is multi-factors, slow time-variable, non-linear, big time lag, close coupling and establishes the precise mathematical model hardly. Through synthesizing the real-time status of many main parameters in judging the status of every parameter and combing the expert knowledge experience, makes the judgment to the current running status of rotary kiln, realizes intelligent recognition of the working condition. After distinguishing the working condition, then make the corresponding control according to the practical working condition. Through summarizing the related control mode and the control strategy about cement rotary kiln and the analysis of NSP cement technical process, we are clear about the inner and outside factors which affect rotary kiln movement, determine main examination parameters and Control method which influence rotary kiln system movement. Designs the classification and recognition algorithm which is constituted by fault signal detection method based on the fractal and the ART-2 neural network by studying the fractal theory and the multi-sensor information fusion technology. 

Some domestic large-scaled enterprises have also made some meaningful practice in the control of automation, and they mainly through checking the temperature, pressure, and current volume of material slurry to control the temperature within the limit by automated control. Because of the limitation of checking ways, the motion state of the materials is not considered during the designation. Actually, the motion state of materials is decisive for the transference of energy. The multi-factors, strong inertia force, close coupling and non-linear of rotary kiln, so it is not easy to control the rotary kiln. Analyze the characteristics of limestone rotary kiln deeply , research and develop high-degree controlling method, and realize the automation of producing procedure have important theoretical and practical value for the improvement of the production and quality of alumina, the decrease of energy consumption, and the reduction of workers’ working load. 

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