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Analysis on the parts of Hongxing ball mill

The ball mill has many different types such as energy-saving ball mill, cement ball mill, intermittent ball mill and so on. The structures of these devices are much the same. It is typically made up of cylinder, liner, feeder, lubrication system, transmission, and bearings. In order to facilitate customers, we will make detailed introduction to each part.

Cylinder: the cylinder is a common part of the various mills; the circular cylinder is welded by several steel plates with the thickness of twelve to fifteen mm. Both ends are welded flange cover. 

Cylinder is equipped with replaceable liner. In order to make the liner and cylinder wall in close contact with each other and buffer the impact of the steel ball on the cylinder, we install the cladding plywood between liner and the cylinder body, to facilitate the replacement of the liner and inspection internal condition of cylinder body. There are many holes on the cylinder body. The holes are mostly rectangular, and have the length of 350 to 550 mm. 

Feeding part: it has feeder, fan-liner, inner sleeve and other parts. The inner sleeve can reduce the attrition brought by the feeding material. The spiral shape in the inner sleeve is helpful to the feeding. The feeder is often fixed on the top of inner sleeve. The most common feeder is joint feeder, followed by drum feeder and scroll feeder. 

Discharging part: it has end caps, grid lining board, filler block and inner sleeve and other parts. Good effectiveness has been achieved in the improvement for the great pressure bars, the thickness of the ribbed straps and the discharge linear.

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