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Stone Production Line

In the stone production line, the certain venues, factory buildings and machinery and equipment are all necessary. In addition, these production contents should be combined according to certain principles, which should be divided into production units occupying certain space position. The spatial organization of stone production line should include the general layout of the plant and the organizational form of the production workshop. The goal of the stone production line time organization is to save time and shorten the production cycle of the products. Therefore, saving time, distributing labor time in various production departments in a plan are becoming the first economic laws based on the collective production. 

In the stone production line, you must scientifically and distribute the labor time with plan to put an end to the loss and waste of the production time and maximize the continuity and balance of the production. Organize the parallel operation within the limits allowed by the established production conditions, workers and equipment load. 

There are several ways to improve the space organization of the parallel stone production line. The process professional manner is to set up the production steps and the team's operating units in accordance with the characteristics of the production process. In the process specialized production units, the production equipment with the same type and the same types of workers are centralized to process the various of the products (parts) of the enterprises with same technique. Every production unit only completes the processing tasks of the part of the process stage or part of the process in the stone production line. For example, in the mechanical processing workshop, assembly workshop of the machinery manufacturing enterprises, the machine shop can be divided into the lathe group, milling group and the drilling group in accordance with the same type of work and the same equipment. 

The production unit which is composed according to the form of the craft specialization has many advantages due to the similar process equipment and the same processing technology together. First, the product manufacturing order has certain degree of flexibility, which is more flexible and can be better able to adapt to the changing requirements of product variety. Second, it facilitates the full use of production equipment and production area. The maintenance of individual devices has small impact on the entire production process. The utilization of the equipment is improved, so the investment costs of the equipment are reduced correspondingly. Third, it is easy for professional management and technical guidance, which can improve the skills of the workers. 

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