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plate chain bucket elevator

Bucket elevator is a kind of continuous conveying machinery, which makes use of the homogeneous solid joint in a series of hopper on the endless traction component, vertically lifting materials. It includes three kinds: ring chain, plate chain and belt. 

Main components

Bucket elevator is made up of: shell, traction component (conveyor chain), hopper, driving wheel (head wheel), bend wheel (tail wheel), tensioner, guide device, loading port (feeding mouth) and discharge port (discharging mouth). The hopper has two kinds: circular hopper and angle hopper, and also the traction component have the rubber belt and chain.

plate chain bucket elevator

Work principle

Hopper scoops the materials up from the storage, ascending to the top with the conveyor belt or chain, then bypasses the sahasrara chakra,flipping down. Bucket hoist will rundown materials into the receiving slot. The driving bucket hoist’s belt usually uses rubber belt, which is installed on the up and down transmission drum and the up and bend roller. The chain bucket elevator are usually equipped with two parallel transmission chain, up or below are a pair of driving sprockets, below or above are a pair of bends sprocket. Bucket elevator generally is equipped with shell in order to prevent dust float in the sky of the bucket elevator. 

Main characteristics

1. Driving power is small, we adopt the inflow type feeding, induction discharge, intensive arrangement of large capacity hopper. During the process of materials ascending almost no feed back and digging material phenomenon, therefore the ineffective power is less. 

2. A wide ascension scope, this kind of elevator hoist has less demand to the type and characteristic of the material,not only can improve the general powder, small granular materials, and can promote larger mill cut sex material. It has good tightness, little environmental pollution. 

3. Operation reliability, advanced design principle and processing method ensure the running reliability of the machine, no failure time more than 20000 hours. Hoisting height is high, hoist operation is smooth, and therefore it can achieve higher hoisting height. 

4. Long use life, the feeding method of the elevator takes the inpouring type, not using bucket digging materials, between materials seldom occur extrusion and collision phenomenon. The machine in the design ensures that all materials in feeding and discharging have rare scattering, reducing the mechanical attrition.

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