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portable rock crusher

Portable crusher is also called portable crushing plant is a new kind of rock crushing equipment, improved on the basis of the double mill. The mobile stone crushing machine or the mobile crushing station can do the diffluent material crushing work; also can be seen as a kind of simple stone production line

Its design principle is to eliminate the broken ground and obstacles of crushing operation that environment brings as the primary solution. And also provide a high efficient, low cost of the project operation hardware facilities.

Usages and advantages: 

1. A complete integration set .This kind of installation form eliminates infrastructure installation work of the fission component multifarious site, reducing the consumption of materials and time. The rational compact space layout of the unit improves the flexibility of the site stationed.

2. Flexibility. Mobile crushing station’s car site is high, the body width is less than operations trailer, turning radius is small, so it is easy to drive on the ordinary road, more suitably drive on rugged bad road of the crushing court. And thus can save time for quick into the court, can be more conducive to go into the construction area, which provide a more flexible space and reasonable layout configuration for the whole crushing process.

3. Less material handling costs, it can be able to break materials in the first line, avoiding the intermediate links, which reduces the material transportation cost.

4. Direct and effective function, the integration series mobile crushing station can be used independently, also can provide more flexible process configuration according to customer’s requirements to make generation organization, logistics transport more directly and effectively, and reduce the cost at the best.

The range of application:

Mobile crushing station (mobile crusher) is mainly used in material process: metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water and electricity, which is often needed removal work, especially used in highway, railway, water and electricity engineering liquidity stone work. It really creates more new business opportunities and reduces production cost for customers.

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