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Requirements of the Sealing Design of Rotary Kiln

The basic requirement of the sealing device of the rotary kiln is that it should have a good sealing performance so that the amount of air that is sucked into the rotary kiln  can be reduced to the minimum extent. The sealing of the rotary kiln has the following characteristics that should be studied and considered in the structural design:

It should adapt to the movement of various aspects of the cylinder. Under the precondition of ensuring the reliable sealing, it should be well adapted to the movement of all aspects of the cylinder in the structure. For example, in the operation of the rotary kiln, the cylinder that is installed obliquely can traverse up and down and expand with the heat and contract with the cold; in the process of the manufacture, installation and operation of the cylinder, the error of cylinder shape (ovality, eccentricity) and the bent of the geometric centerline and the cantilever of the both ends of the cylinder will generate some vibration in the space and sometimes, it can even be up to 10 ~ 20 mm. 

The wear of the parts should be small and the service life should be long. In the two sealing parts of the rotary kiln, the gas stream temperature is high and there are much dust and it is more difficult to conduct lubrication, making it easy that the friction surface is worn. In order to improve the service life of the sealing device and to reduce the amount of wear, it is necessary to avoid the fouling place in the shape design; in the requirements of the material quality, it should be high temperature resistant and wear-resistant; as for the lubrication, the operators should pay attention to the lubrication leakage; in the structure, it should be simple and easy to manufacture and easy to conduct maintenance.

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