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Electromagnetic vibrating feeder

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is one kind of feeder machine, which is an advanced feeding device. It is suitable for continuous production requirements. Electric vibrator can be widely used in cement, mining, metallurgy, coal, chemicals, infrastructure, docks and pharmaceuticals, tea processing, Porcelain and other industrial sectors. It can transfer the non-viscous granule or powder material in the production process from storage silo or hopper, uniform and continuously to the apparatus of the receiving material device. 

Structure component: 

1. Trough 

2. Electromagnetic vibrator 

3. Damper 

Working principle: 

It is a double mass elastic directional forced vibration system, composed of particle M1 by tank (trough), the quality of the part material among the clevis and tank. The vibrator casing, core, coil, etc, consist of mass point M2, the two particle are connected with a bouquet of spring board, forming one pair of particle orientation forced vibration elastic system.  


1. The vibrating grizzly feeder has a small size, light weight, simple structure. It is easy to install, and it has no rotating, sliding parts. Less failure and low maintenance running costs also are the best advantages. 

2. Electromagnetic vibrating feeder uses the mechanical vibration resonance principle to make it work in the lower critical near-resonant, low power consumption state. 

3. The vibrating grizzly feeder adopts thyristor half-wave rectifier control mode, the flow regulation convenience, centralized control and automatic control. 

4. When it works, the materials continuously jump forward as parabolic path with less wear trough. 

Usage and maintenance: 

The use of the electric vibrator controller 

1. The potentiometer on the front panel is rotated to the left to the zero position, turn on the power switch, the LED should lighten. 

2. When the electromagnetic vibrating feeder gradually increases the feed, move the potentiometer to the right until adjust it to the required feeding amount. 

3. When the electromagnetic vibrating feeder is shut down temporarily, just rotating the knob to zero. If it unexpectedly shut down, or is repaired, please switch off the controller power. 

About the maintenance of the feeder, you need check it regularly.

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