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Persist energy saving and environment friendly to the end

To It is predicted that China's total investment in the field of new energy will be more than 3 trillion RMB by 2020.. New energy plan could stimulate a large number of projects, which can increase employment in the current background of economic crisis and become a new economic growth point. On the other hand, the new energy plan is accorded with the energy saving and sustainable development strategy. Moreover, it is also contribute to improve the international image of China as the largest emitter of carbon dioxide.

Driven by in new energy investment plan, Zhengzhou adopted a structural adjustment. With the view of strengthening the competitiveness of the advantageous industries, constantly developing markets at home and broads and prompting the ultrafine grinder industry still maintain a rapid, steady growth. Ultrafine grinder is popular in the new energy field of environmental protection and energy saving.

Over the years, mill industry has been committed to the development of equipment in the field of ultra-fine powders, and accumulated rich experience in production. Ultrafine mill was continuously updated and continuously improving the technology. New ultrafine pulverizer HGM series of energy saving and environmental protection has been developed, which be of obvious advantages. In particular, it is comply with the relevant national energy conservation policy. And which plays a very crucial role in recent years, especially in the field of power plant flue gas desulfurization applications.

Ultrafine mill can grinding limestone, gypsum, barite into industrial dust removal and desulfurization to certain fineness of powder, so that the mixture of harmful gas with primary power plants turned harmful plant flue gas sulfur dioxide into the use of industrial by-product calcium sulfide .Thus can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reaching the purpose of turning waste into treasure.

Environmental protection is a basic national policy of China .Achieving energy conservation in the industrial field helps improve the living environment. In mineral machinery industry, energy saving and environmental protection become an industry trend. Ultrafine mill, the industry vanguard, will persist environmental protection and energy conservation to the end.

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