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Leads milling market by high-tech

Powder industry in China has become a multi-industry, interdisciplinary industry. The output value of the powder industry has accounted for more than half of the total in the first two industrial of the national economy, which occupies an important position.

Nowadays, mining machinery and mill industry comply with international low-carbon economic development trends. And it has gone through the extensive stage of development, where rely on cheap labor advantage and at the expense of the environment. The mill industry is positively exploring the development path toward the energy saving and environmental protection.

As the rapid development in the powder industry, a number of powder-grinding machine manufacturing enterprises have a further progress and development. The market situation of large industrial mill is very impressive after mill production companies constantly upgrading equipment skill. Large YGM190 high pressure medium speed mill is fit for large-scale production enterprises and enjoys a high admiration in the market. Compared with the other mill, high pressure medium speed mill shows the prominent advantage and characteristics in fines production. YGM high pressure medium speed mill which is applied to a variety of non-metallic ore powder milling. That has broadened its application range effectively. Depending on the many years of fine powder processing experience, our company chief engineers devoted themselves to developing the YGM high-pressure grinding mill. It has high efficient, low-power characteristics. Compared to other mills, the output of high pressure medium speed mill has increased by 10-20 per cent. And with the same grinding pressure, grinding rollers’ spring pressure to the material has improved by 800-1200kg.

My company also introduced high pressure micro powder mill with a higher degree of fineness. Its large output and fineness range is fully applicable to ore micronized flour. It has a good reception not only in the ore powder processing but also deep processing of industrial waste residue. From this only one aspect, you can see the high-pressure mill has conquered the majority of the powder production market with its unique super grinding pressure.

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