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Cement rotary kiln

Cement rotary kiln belongs to building material equipment, is one kind of lime kiln. According to different materials, rotary kiln can be divided into cement rotary kiln, metallurgy chemical rotary kiln and lime kiln. Cement rotary kiln is the main equipment of cement clinker dry and wet production line.

Working principle:

Cement rotary kiln at high temperature overloaded pay becomes slow operation, its accessory equipment maintenance and the control level of thermal system relate to the safety and efficiency of the rotary kiln. The maintenance focus of the transmission equipment is lubrication, operating status, the dynamic detection as well as the size of the gear meshing accuracy; supporting device installation accuracy decides if the rotary kiln can safely run,  you should pay attention to the reasonable control of the allocation of the carrying capacity of the supporting roller of each file, arrangement form of the  riding wheel , up and down line pressure and time of hydraulic gear wheel, the force of the supporting wheel, tire and pad gap. The sealing device directly affects the kiln thermal system and running costs. Strengthen the rotary kiln routine maintenance of data processing, it is conducive to the management of the equipment. 

Usage range: 

Cement rotary kiln except calcined cement clinker, but also used to calcined clay, limestone and slag drying, refractory materials. Among the colored and black metallurgy, iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, nickel, tungsten and chromium, filing and other metal use rotary kiln as smelting equipment, it can sinter and roast ores, concentrates, intermediate. During the beneficiation process, rotary kiln depletes iron ore in magnetic roasting way, making ores original weak magnetic change to a strong magnetic, which facilitates magnetic separation. In chemical industry, the rotary kiln can produce soda, calcine phosphate, barium sulfide. The method has low energy consumption, less power consumption, no acid and can be used the low-grade phosphate rock these advantages, so it is promoted soon. In addition, in the environmental aspects, use cement kiln burn hazardous waste, garbage, which not only makes waste minimization, harmless, and make waste as a fuel save pulverized coal, do the waste resources. 

Maintenance and repair:

In the process of operation, along with the time of the extension, the parts of rotary kiln will wear, It will reduce equipment operation, reliability, and even affect the output of the rotary kiln, this must be restored by maintenance opportunities. According to the size of the maintenance workload, it is classified as the sub overhaul, repair and minor repairs. According to the rotary kiln use and maintenance condition, many plants edit large, medium and small repair plan, focus on minor repair and repair. Repair work can be continued by means of stopping the kiln and replacing kiln lining, only the repair transmission is allowed after the bricklaying. But it should be completed quickly in the short term (8-12 hours). Replace the ring gear, wheel belt, roller, kiln, kiln overhaul will require a longer time, you need to change the kiln all the wear and tear parts, check and adjust the entire device (for example: replace kiln shell sections; seal parts), but you must pay attention to, before the plan to stop the kiln, you should fully prepare all the parts and tools to reduce maintenance time.

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