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How to Deal with Temperature Impact on Crusher Machine

The crusher machine is commonly used in the mining, construction, cement, railway and other fields. It is also often used in the plateau section or the open-pit mining in fall and winter. The crusher machine is greatly affected by the local climate, geological conditions and freezing layer. Cold climate and low temperature weather tend to reduce the service life of the crusher, which will bring serious loss to the users. For example, in the major mining areas in northern Inner Mongolia, the crusher machine is often troubled by the perennially seasonal frozen layer blasting and excavation.

In the blasting process, the stone which is difficult to be crushed is very hard like the iron in the cold winter. The blasting effect and bucketing efficiency will be seriously affected and the security risk also exists in the bucketing and transport process. In addition, huge impact will be brought to the crushing system when the large piece of stone enter the ore beneficiation process, which will cause clogging for the crushing station and increase the failure rate of the crusher machine. Seriously, production halts may occur. 

The above description has told us the low temperature seriously affects the service life of the crushing machinery and equipment. Therefore, special process for the crusher machine is very necessary. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery has done a lot of researches on the control of the harm to the crusher machine according to specific using environment. The crusher machine produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery has been greatly improved to adapt to the production in the low-temperature environment. 

In addition, the temperature of the individual components has the normal range. Particularly in the using process, the crusher machine should not work with overload in the low temperature to ensure the normal operation of the low speed pre-temperature stage. The machine can be started when it has reached the predetermined temperature. The machine should not operate in the high temperature. We should frequently check the value in the various thermometers. If there is problem, you should immediately stop the machine and exclude the faults.

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