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The Reasons for the Low Flour Yield of Grinding Mill

 The grinder mill market is continuously expanding and has wide range of its customers base. It always occupies an important position in the field of coal preparation and slag processing fields. The grinding mill is mainly used for the processing and production of the calcite powder, lime powder, sierozem, long powder, gypsum powder, talcum powder and other raw materials. Our company has the comprehensive study and understanding of the grinder mill based on the production and sales experience of mill equipment for many years and has accumulated research and experience in handling a large number of problems mill equipment and summed up a lot of ways accordingly. The following is the reason for the low flour yield of the grinding mill.

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1, the material. The grinding miller adopts the dry milling, if the moisture content of materials is excessive or the materials contain other impurities, it will cause the internal bond, which not only has a greater impact on the production of the mill, but also cause the damage of the accessories of the mill if the time is too long. If it can not be ruled out in a timely manner, the consequences could be very serious.
2, feeding particle size. Generally, the customers have high requirements for the discharging particle size of the mill, because that the fineness of the finished product directly affects their economic benefits. However, in fact, the feeding particle size is also very important. If the feeding particle size is too large or too small, it will cause a great impact on the production and running of the grinding miller. If the feeding particle size is too large, the material is easy to cause the blockage on the feeding end, which is not easy to achieve the grinding crushing between the rollers and the grinding ring; if the feeding particle size is too small, it is not easy to form the material cushion in the grinding chamber and the direct collision of the roller and grinding ring will not only generate a lot of noise, but also make the mill generate large vibration, which is very unfavorable to the operation of the machine.

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