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Some Notes about Pretreatment System of Rotary Kiln

The rotary kiln itself has these characteristics: inherently material adaptability, simple operation, and stable working condition, and the fluidized bed has the advantages: high temperature, fully mixed material and complete reaction, so the combination of the two forms a fluidized bed multi-segment rotary incineration system, the entire incineration system consists of the following components: pretreatment system, feed ash system, combustion system, incineration system, heat recovery system,  and exhaust gas treatment system.

The pretreatment system of rotary kiln includes a broken system, drying system and batching system. Because the composition of hazardous waste is complex, and the shape are different, in order to meet disposal requirements, we should first send the larger block and packaging waste to the crushing plant for crushing, the size of the crushed material is about 50x50mm, and then send them to the hopper through the transfer device.

For higher moisture content of the sludge, we will make use of the steam that the waste heat boiler generated, adopting the more mature hollow paddle sludge type drying machine as a sludge drying device. The initial content rate of the sludge is 85%, after drying it, the moisture content is 40%. The drying sludge will be sent to the hopper through the feeding machine, and then sent into the rotary kiln furnace through a hydraulic feeding system.

The calorific value of hazardous waste is different, In order to make full use of the waste energy, reduce the use of auxiliary fuel, and according to the different heat value of waste, you should allocate the ingredients before the feeding. In accordance with the principle of optimization, the computer will automatically generate the daily feeding menu, determining the quantity and composition of the feed. According to the feeding menu, the operator will send the designated hazardous waste into the feeding system, and then into the incinerator for disposal.

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