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Pin Crusher/Rod Grinding Machine/ Rod Grinding Mill

Due to the characteristics of energy-efficient, easy to adjust, uniform granularity and other advantages, the rod grinding mill is widely used for the crushing of all kinds of ores or rocks in metal and nonmetal mines, water conservancy and building materials sectors such as the limestone rod mill etc. The grinding rod mill generally adopts wet overflow type, which is widely used for the primary grinding in the artificial stone sand, dressing plant, chemical plants and power sector. There are dry and wet two types to choose and the users can select the appropriate type according to their actual situation. As for the processing of quartz sand, dolomite, monazite, and other products, the rod mill can be equipped with magnetic separator to conduct iron removal. In addition, the rod mill can be also used for the re-election or magnetic separation of tungsten, tin and other rare metals. In order to prevent the over crushing, the pin crusher is usually the first choice.


1.To save power; the particle size of the product is more uniform; less coarse particles and slime.
2.Adopting the advanced controllable technology of feeding and discharging; higher yield; it is suitable for the ores with different hardness.
3.The material fineness is adjustable; the phenomenon of over crushing is less.
Working principles:
The main working part of the rod grinding machine is cylinder, which is equipped with grinding dielectric rod. When the materials from the feeding part enter the cylinder through the hollow shaft of the feeding end, the motor drives the cylinder equipped with a dielectric rod to rotate. Under the impact of the dielectric rod as well as the grinding between rod and the cylinder liner, the materials will be crushed and grinded and then be discharged from the hollow shaft of the discharging end.

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