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Bucket Conveyor

Bucket conveyor is the device which is used to vertically lift the limestone, coal, gypsum, clinker, dry clay that have been crushed and other granular material, raw material, cement, braize and other powdered materials.
Using the hopper to scoop up the materials from the storage, the materials are raised to the top with the conveyor belt or chain, the materials flip down after bypassing the top wheel and the bucket hoist pour the materials into the receiving slot. The driving belt of the bucket elevator with driving force generally uses a rubber belt, which is attached to the lower or above driving drum. As for the plate chain bucket elevator , it is generally equipped with two parallel transmission chains, a pair of drive sprocket and a pair of redirecting sprocket. Bucket elevators are generally equipped with a chassis to prevent the dust from flying upward.

1.Lower power consumption and driving power. Adopting the intensive layout of inflowing feeding, induced discharge and large capacity hopper.
2.High lifting height, good transmission capacity, fully sealed of the body and small environmental pollution.
3.Having no strict requirements on the types and characteristics of the materials, which can not only lift the general powdery and granular materials, but also hoist the abrasive materials.
4.Operational reliability, advanced design principles and processing methods ensure the reliability of the whole machine operation.
Matters needing attention:
1.When the bucket elevator is working, to make sure that the feeding should be even and the discharge pipe should be smooth to avoid causing blockage. If the clogging happened, the operator should immediately stop feeding and shut down the machine to handle the blockage. The operator can not directly put the hand into the base.
2.During the normal operation, the hopper belt should be in the middle of the cylinder. If the phenomenon of deviation or the belt is loose is found, they should be adjusted by the tensioning device to avoid the collision friction between the hopper and cylinder.
3.Strictly prevent the large piece of foreign matter from entering the base to avoid to damage the hopper, affecting the normal work of the bucket elevator.

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