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Dryer Machine/ Drying Equipment/ Drying Machine

Dryer is one of the washing machine. It is used to remove moisture from the clothing and other textiles after washing dehydration. Most of the dryer includes a rotating drum, and the inner cylinder is driven by a belt, and hot air is used to evaporate moisture in the circumference of the drum. Drying tubes are based on the principle of reversing the drum.
The dryer can be divided into industrial and civil, the industrial dryer is also called drying equipment or dryer. It is the most common mining equipment and a wide range of drying equipment.
The dryer can be divided into many types, such as rotary dryer, the three return dryer, drum dryer, batch dryer, direct thermal dryer, clothes drying dryer, powder dryer, and so on. Dryer mainly are used in mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other departments.

Working Principle:
The working principle of the dryer is like that, it use the power, diesel power, wind, combustible to produce the power and take usage of the air, thus achieving the proper temperature for dehumidification processing.
The features are as follows,
1. The efficiency of the dryer is strength, because the material is highly dispersed in the gas stream;
2. Drying time is short;
3. The structure of the Air dryer is simple, and it takes a little area, and it is easy to the construction and maintenance
4.  It has a large capacity and high thermal efficiency.

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