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The engine — heart of the crusher

The engine is the heart of crushers, so making the engine stay young is the key vehicle maintenance locations. First, we must run the use of meticulous maintenance period, which is basically an extension of the life of the engine to use. Other, to be alert to the three common engines: An engine wear, An environment is a cold start (i.e., the engine shut down six hours above) give rise to the moment in the dry start wear, this is the greatest damage to the engine, Another environment give rise to high engine speed operation, the oil relative thinning, then the engine in a semi-wear condition, this environment cannot be ignored signs. 

Two signs of loss of oil. There is a gap between the combustion chamber and cylinder, resulting in fleeing into the combustion chamber caused by oil. There are signs of engine oil loss invention of the essentials is to first take a look at the exhaust pipe is blue smoke, hand out after the exhaust pipe at the probe about whether the organic smell greasy fingers, if there is proof of taste: fleeing into the combustion engine, there are oil room. 

Three oil seal ring aging. Aging oil seal rings, oil was leaking or lost by battle, minor signs of burning oil, oil change to attend a certain amount of repair agent can handle. If environmental stress is necessary, disassemble the engine. 

Regular maintenance will certainly have to change the engine oil, for three filters, the other, to the usual ground observation, ground raids, the invention prevent the timely removal of talent is always linked to the engine in good running condition skills: Often persist fastening parts.  Links net oil, net water, gas, net and net body. Fuel is not clean, can co-precision mechanical wear and tear, increased joint space, causing oil spill, drip, low supply pressure, the gap becomes larger, and even cause oil plug, axle bush-burning tension, such as prejudice; if the atmosphere contains large amounts of dust, it will accelerate the jaw crusher cylinder, piston and piston ring wear; if the cooling water is not clean, cool scale growth will impede the impact crusher engine cooling, lubrication, deterioration, mechanical wear tight; if the body looks dirty, hand to the body will decay, shrinkage using life. Guarantee enough oil, enough water, atmosphere enough. If the gasoline and the atmosphere does not provide timely or stop, there will be difficulty in starting, poor combustion, power landing, the engine is not running and other signs of the policy; if the offer is not enough oil or stop, the rotary kiln engine will poor lubrication, mechanical wear tight, and even the emergence of burning Watts signs; if cold water is not enough water, make high-temperature, power landing, wear and tear, use of low life.

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