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The Operation Skills of Sawdust Dryer

Maintenance is an extremely important and regular work to keep normal operation and long service of drying machine, which should be closely cooperated with the proper operation and timely overhaul.
Different mequipment have different structures, so operation methods are also diffrent; here, Hongxing, a professional dryer equipment manufacturer is willing to introduce the operation skills of sawdust dryer.
1. In working process, the lid of sawdust dryer should be put down; workpieces should be uniformly distributed in the drum, otherwise it will make centrifugal force unparallel.
2. To make drum stop working, please shut down motor firstly, then hit the brakes and never brake before stopping motor. Sawdust dryer could take individual centrifugal drying without heating, but remember to keep motor power on in the process.
3. Before using sawdust dryer, we should first check the power supply and fixed position of drum; then connect power, open cover, turn on motor switch and let drum take idling running; the turnning direction should be same as the arrow direction of spear finger in internal shell; turn on the heating wire, if no hot air being discharged after 5 minutes, please stop to check whether electric heating wire outlet is blocked.
We hope that the above introduction to sawdust dryer could be helpful for you!

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