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New Method to Improve Grinding Effect of Ball Grinder

Ball-milling at variable speed is a new method to improve grinding efficiency of ball grinder, which is widely applied in the industrial production.


In the studying process on the efficiency of ball-milling at variable speed, we also tested and analysed the powder product to study the effect of ball-milling at variable speed on the quality of powder processing.
We took orthogonal method to arrange experiments, respectively in wet intermittent ball grinders of different specifications to analyse the changes of glaze slurry particle distribution, particle morphology, particle structure and perssad, as well as glossiness and whiteness of glazed pottery glazeth made of corresponding slurries.
The experimental results showed that adopt different variable speed curve can obtain completely different powder particle distribution.
For brittle, hard and low-strength materials, it is better to adopt moderate speed for grinding; while, we need to give different grinding time for each process and guarantee forepart and back end which mainly grind materials by impacting and grinding have enough time; in addition, adjust cylinder speed from high part to low part so as to make the ball grinder get efficient operation.
For fixed-speed ball mill machine, due to the role of grinding medium on materials changes little, so the particles are coarser, with wide distribution range.
In conclusion, ball-milling at variable speed has obvious difference to the quality of powder processing; it can effectively improve the quality of powder processing, which can be mainly manifested in the following three aspects:
The appropriate variable speed curve can work out fine powder with uniform granularity and narrow distribution, conducive to improve the quality of ceramic products;
Ball-milling at variable speed can work out relatively smooth powder with less edges and corners;
Adopt different variable speed can work out powders with different particle distribution.

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