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Hammer crushers in the future direction of development

We all know that cement is made from limestone and clay mixed with high temperature calcination, while the raw materials for cement production are limestone. The cement industry generally chooses hammer crusher to crush limestone.

hammer crusher is deep cavity equipment, with long crushing route, which is benefit for materials crushing, crushing process once completed, feeding size reached 125mm~1200mm,can be broken compressive strength is not more than 200Mpa materials, compare with the same kind of products, greater production. The broken way of hammer crusher is curved extrusion type, motor drive belt and pulleys, through eccentric shaft make the movable hammer moves up and down, the inclined angle between toggle plate and movable hammer become large when movable hammer rise, thus promoting the moving hammer plate to close fixed hammer plate, at the same time limestone is squeezed, grind and other multiple broken; the angle between toggle plate and movable hammer become small when movable hammer downward, under the function of draw bar and spring, movable hammer plate leave fixed hammer plate, this moment broken limestone discharged from the mouth, along with the continuous rotation of the motor, movable hammer periodic crushing and discharging, realize batch production of limestone.

The type of crushing chamber depends upon the size of feeding and fineness of the crushed products. The standard type is applied to medium crushing, the medium type is applied to medium or fine crushing and the short head type is applied to fine crushing.

Before driving, we should check lining board of the cabinet, the bolt, or whether it lubricates very well. During driving, we should check whether the feeding and particle size are uniform.

Hammerhead is easy to wear, one side can be turned around again after wearing both sides, When replacing hammer head, we should weight them according to one of the hammer a single quality to a set of, we should make quality of each group equal. Each of two queue of hammer and pin shaft of total quality should be less than 0.05 kg, which can ensure that the smooth running of the rotor. Changing hammer should also be watched out, the examination of the crack cavity and sand holes shall not be used by the computer.

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