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Hammer Crusher-- First choice for limestone crushing

With the development of economy, China crusher industry grows rapidly under the big demand at home and abroad. After the update of technology, the application scope of crusher become wider, the crusher not only be used in mining industry but also in cement industry, and has played an important role in these industries.

For the outdated cement production and large demands, the cement production must be speeded up. Limestone and coal gangue are the important raw materials to produce cement, which are abundant in storage. During cement producing process, most raw materials need to be crushed, such as limestone, clay, iron ore and coal, etc.

Limestone is the one of most used raw materials. As its large granularity and high hardness, the limestone should be crushes in crusher. Hammer crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher, VSI crusher (sand maker) of our company have show their important role in cement production. The crushing of limestone has an important place in cement material crush.

Hammer crusher relays on the impact power to realize the crushing. During the work, motor drives roller to spinning highly in the crush chamber. Materials were feed from the upper feeding end into the crusher, and were crushed after the hit, impact, cut and grind of the high speed hammer, so as to achieve the Ideal strength of raw material to produce cement.

Hammer crusher is widely used for crushing limestone, coal cinder, coal ash, coal in the industries of metallurgy, building materials, electric power, cement, construction, chemical, mine and etc. it can be used in the wet and dry crushing process, it plays an important role in the earlier stage of cement production.

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