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Fastener Industry Speeds up Adjustment and Develops towards High-end

Mechanical industry is the large industrial department in China; and in 2011, Chinese mechanical industry realized an accumulative total industrial output value of 16.89 trillion Yuan. According to the customs statistics, between January and November in 2011, the import and export of mechanical industry was 574.557 billion dollars, a rise of 24.09% than last year. Among them, the import was 283.023 billion dollars, a rise of 23.34% than last year and the export was 291.534 billion dollars, a rise of 24.83 billion dollars. The import and export trade surplus was 8.511 billion dollars.

Fasteners are the main and basic parts of the mechanical industry whose development has put forward higher requirement for the fastening pieces. The construction of urban railway system involves the relevant industries of many sectors, including railway equipment manufacturing, high-speed railway bearing, railway communication project, optical communication equipment, railway engineering construction and engineering machinery and the construction of these projects will create favorable conditions for the development of fasteners. It is known that the inventory of engineering machinery products including loader, excavator and road roller in the 12th Fiver-Year Plan period will reach 6 million, and the annual sales are about 50,000. Estimating based on this, the annual demands for high-strength fasteners will be around 20,000~30,000 ton.

The product output of a large group of mechanical machinery including load, excavator, crane truck, road roller, forklift, bulldozer and concrete machinery has ranked top in the world, making China a real big country of manufacturing engineering machines. However, as China was slow and late to aware the important position of mechanical basic parts in mechanical industry and investment has long been lacking, the whole industry was weak in foundation, economic basis and strength. Especially with the improvement of Chinese mainframe level, the bottleneck that the mechanical basic parts lag behind the mainframe is increasingly obvious. The fast development of the mechanical industry and the huge market size provides wide development space for the fasteners industry.

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