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How to Remove the Rust on Artificial Sand Washer?

Sand washing plant is actually playing an irreplaceable role in the sand making production line. Hongxing Machinery believes that artificial sand washer is the premise of quality guarantee of final sand. For this reason, the service life of this sand washing machine is paramount to customers. The rust on the sand washing equipment will directly influence the sand washing efficiency? Then what can we do to remove the rust on artificial sand washer? Here let’s see how the experts of Hongxing Machinery answer this question.

1. Compressed air rust removal

Compress the air and install a proper rust removal device that can move back and forth or rotate to satisfy different need of rust removal. If the angle-shaped sand wheel, sire brush, air-operated needle cleaner or air-operated shovel is rusted, we can use coating hacking whose efficiency is greatly improved than manually rust removal. It can be used at any part of mineral sand washer, so that it has been widely used in the repairing process.

2. High pressure water rust removal

Adopt high pressure water spraying device whose features are no dust pollution, no harm and greatly improved efficiency.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. recommends the above two methods to remove the iron rust on China sand washers and hopes it will help customers to extend the service life of China sand washer. To get better use of China sand washers, Hongxing Machinery suggest customers use high-quality materials to produce this machine. As the first brand of mining machinery, the sand washing plant produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has high sand washing efficiency, low failure rate and perfect after-sales service. Welcome customers to our company for visit and purchase.

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