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Features and Application of Gyratory Cone Crusher

Gyratory cone crusher is actually a new type of cone breaker improved in the shape of crushing chamber. Compared with common cone crushers, its lining board is very short, and the lower lining board is very flat, and the upper part of the crushing chamber forms a cone funnel primary crushing area. In the working process, the crushing chamber will be filled with materials to be crushed, thus playing the role of “pressure head” and improving the crushing effect. Its crushing process is realized through intergranular crushing produced by the impact and friction of multilayer particles. The main features and application of gyratory cone crusher are introduced here.

Gyratory cone crusher machine makes use of the internal grinding and impact pressure force of multilayer particles to crush ores and materials. The main features of this machine include, increasing the volume of crushing chamber in the non-control granularity area; changing the structural type of the crushing chamber in the parallel area, so that the parallel zone is very short but the inclination is very gentle and the crushing chamber is made with the special structure of ring-shaped heavy hammer type. Materials will form very thick ring-shaped and closed-grained accumulation horizon in the crusher machine. Materials will not automatically slide in the crushing chamber, but be discharged out of the crushing equipment by the propulsion of materials relying on the movement of the cone. Materials are always full inside the crushing chamber. In addition, it is also equipped with a gyratory feeder machine to make sure materials are evenly sent to crushing chamber.

This crushing machine has big crushing ratio and fine and even product granularity, thus reducing the working load of the powder grinding mill, so that it is suitable for superfine crushing. In the industrial production, using this crusher can reach the objective of “more crushing and less grinding” and saving energy. Adopting gyratory cone crusher to produce the materials for ore grinding mill can greatly save construction investment. In the three-stage open-circuit crushing and rod grinding machine production flow, it is completely possible to replace grinding rod mill with this machine.

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